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Mark Oliver


Mark Oliver joined the Navy in January 1980 right after high school and attended boot camp and EM “A” school in Great Lakes Illinois. He reported for duty and served on USS the Sullivans from 1996 to 2000 when he decided to retire.

About Mark

After A school reported for duty aboard USS Carl Vinson CVN70, where he made a world cruise on her and then left 4 years later and attended C7 school in Great Lakes again.

Mark next reported to USS Frank Cable AS40 where he worked on nuclear submarines for two years in upkeep and repair. After this he reported to SIMA Charleston where he supported surface ships for 3 years in various repairs and upgrades. In 1989 he left Charleston for Treasure Island Weapons Elevator School and trained to service and repair elevators and then reported to USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72. He served on her for 4 years and made a humanitarian trip to the Philippines in 1991 rescuing dependents and families of the Mount Pinatubo volcano eruption. After this the ship reported to the Persian Gulf and supported operations during Desert Storm War.


After leaving the ship in 1993 he attended Navy Recruiter Training in Pensacola Florida and served 3 years at NRD Nashville in various recruiting roles. After leaving recruiting duty in 1996 he attended various training schools to prepare him for duties as 3M Coordinator on USS The Sullivans. He reported for duty and served on USS the Sullivans from 1996 to 2000 when he decided to retire. After the Navy he attended college at Florida State College Jacksonville where he attained degrees in Electronics, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Electronics and finally a Bachelors in Supervision and Management.


After working several jobs, he joined the staff at Mayo Clinic Florida as a Biomedical Engineer repairing and maintaining medical equipment. He earned his national certification (CBET) as a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician and (CHTM) Certified Healthcare Technology Manager. He trained over 80 students during his time as Intern Coordinator and served in various roles from and became the Chapter President of the Northeast Florida Advancement for Medical Instrumentation from 1995 - 2022 and worked at Mayo Clinic for 15 years and retired in March 2022.


His next endeavor was to transform his part time handyman business into a full-time business which has flourished with hard work and extreme dedication. He has been married to Sherry Oliver for 26 years and has 4 daughters, 2 grandkids, 3 dogs, 2 cats. He loves watching University of Kentucky basketball, fishing/ boating, and cruising. He recently agreed to become the 2024 Coordinator for the Sullivans Reunion. 

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